Product Description

Inner Ball Roller Cellusphere Machine is absolutely painless, pleasant and does not injure the skin. Inner Ball Roller Cellusphere Machine has helped to tighten and tone muscles and tissues, smooth the skin, improve the structure and sculpt the face and body. There’s a reduction in cellulite, elimination of wrinkles, and inches lost from the waist and thigh circumferences. Thanks to Inner Ball Roller Cellusphere Machine bodies have been re-sculpted and faces rejuvenated.

Product Detail

1.Product Introduction of the Inner Ball Roller Cellusphere Machine


What’s the Inner Ball Roller Cellusphere Machine?

The inner ball roller apparatus is a non-invasive mechanical compression micro-vibration treatment. The  principle is that the silicone ball rotates along the roller 360°to generate compression micro-vibration.  

As the ball rotates and exerts pressure on the skin, it produces a "pulsation compression" effect,  realizing continuous push-pull kneading reciprocating motion, fat deposits are  pressurized and thus loosened to finally decompose, reducing cellulite and Removes cellulite.

This technology is clinically proven to help  tone muscles and sculpt the body and face to rejuvenate, as well as help redesign and tighten the chest.

2. Product Details of the Inner Ball Roller Cellusphere Machine



3.Product Parameter (Specification) of the Inner Ball Roller Cellusphere Machine


Speed of large handle

Speed of small handle

Input voltage

Output power

Output frequency

Packaging size of host machine

Packaging size of trolley


675 RPM

675 RPM







4.Product Feature And Application of the Inner Ball Roller Cellusphere Machine


Inner Ball Roller Cellusphere Machine Functions

1. Massage and improve lymphatic circulation

2. Skin tightening, wrinkle removal
3. Body shaping, body contouring

4. Improve the vascular system

5. Cellulite reduction

6. Relieve pain

Before and After Treatment Comparison of the Inner Ball Roller Cellusphere Machine

5. Delivery, Warranty and After Sales Service of the Inner Ball Roller Cellusphere Machine

(1) Warranty and after sales service

- For each machine, we provide 2 years warranty for host machine, 6 months for the working handles.

- Lifetime technical support. When the warranty has expired, we will still provide you technical support and spare parts. You can contact us whenever you need new spare parts or need any help.

- 24 hours online service. If there is any problem or question, please contact us anytime. We will give you a reply within 24 hours.

(2) Transportation

- Working with well-known courier companies such as DHL, TNT, UPS, FedEx for many years, can get cheap shipping costs.

- We can also send it by air to some countries, with DDP terms, including customs clearance and customs duties.

- The Inner Ball Roller Cellusphere Machine will be packaged with high-end aluminum alloy box.

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