Product Description

980nm laser spider vein removal machine BM35 is our new model. Although it has a "cute" case, it is very powerful. For some spider veins, a single treatment has obvious effects. Welcome your inquiry.Model:BM35

Product Detail

1.Product Introduction of the 980nm laser spider vein removal machine

(1) 980nm laser spider vein removal machine working principle
(2) Product details

1. One Machine with 2 handles: 980nm Laser Handle + Ice Compress Hammer

2. One 980nm Handle with 5 probes: 2 Vascular probes+1 Nails fungus removal probe+1 Physiotherapy probe+1 Skin rejuvenation probe

3. The vascular treatment with 2 probes and 5 treatment rings: 0.2mm 0.5mm 1.0mm 2.0mm 3.0mm

2.Product Parameter (Specification) of the 980nm laser spider vein removal machine

Model Wavelength Pulse frequency Pulse duration Spot size LCD screen Laser power
BM35 980nm±2nm 1-10Hz 0-1s (stepping 0.05s) 0.2mm,0.5mm, 1mm, 2mm and 3mm 8.0 inch color touch screen 15W, 20W, 30W for options

3.Product Feature And Application of the 980nm laser spider vein removal machine

(1) Advantages:

1. The advanced laser technology for red blood veins/vascular/spider veins removal in contrast with high frequency in the market.

2. 1-30W adjustable energy to satisfy different requirements.

3. Three modes: CW Pulse ,Pulse ,and Single for optional.

4. Short time operation, no injury, no bleeding, no burning, redness or scar.

5. The obvious effectiveness: Only one or two treatments are required

6. Professional designed treatment headpiece: energy is well focused onto 0.2-0.5mm spot.

7. Ice compress hammer can reduce the temperature of local tissues in the body, shrink blood vessels. Reduce swelling and pain to the greatest extent. Reduce the sensitivity of tissues to pain.

(2) Applications

EVLT (Endovenous Veins Laser Treatment)

Vascular lesion therapy

Spider Veins/face veins

The superficial vessels, from 0.2 to 2 mm of diameter.
·Spider veins

(3) Before and after comparison

4.Product Details of the 980nm laser spider vein removal machine

5.Product Qualification of the 980nm laser spider vein removal machine

6.Deliver,Shipping And Serving of the 980nm laser spider vein removal machine

1) Quality assurance

For each machine, we provide 1-3 years warranty for host machine, 3-6 months for spare parts. Lifetime maintain and technical support.

All our machines will be tested again before delivery, please no worries about the quality. According to our data and clients feedback, the error rate of our machines is less than 0.5%.

If any questions in the process of using, our professional engineer will help you give you reply within 24 hours.

To confirm the problem, please first to take a short video, our engineer will take the solution video accordingly.

2) After sale

1.24 hours online service. If you have any problems in the process of usage, please contact us anytime. We will give you reply within 24 hours, and solve it within 1-2 working days.

2.Lifetime technical support. After the warranty has expired, we still provide you lifetime technology support.

3.Face to face service. Our professional service team, technicians and beauticians also provide you face to face service for troubleshooting and operational issues if necessary.

3) Transport

1. Working with well-known courier companies such as DHL, TNT, UPS, FedEx for many years, can get very low freight.

2. Depending on the situation, choose wooden box, carton box or aluminum alloy box.

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